Agriculture Statistics and Social Science


The department has been providing and continues to provide support to the faculty members and students of agricultural discipline by way of analyzing experimental data using advanced and appropriate analytical techniques alongwith teaching several supporting courses after just establishment of the Agriculture College in 1950

Profile :-

The department of Agricultural Statistics & Social Science started functioning from May 2011 with Dr. V.B. Singh as the Head of the department in the college campus of the university. Department offers several supporting courses viz. statistics 2 (1+1) credits and introduction to computer application 2 (1+1) credits for B.Sc.; statistical methods for applied sciences 4(3+1) credits, experimental designs 3(2+1) credits and sampling techniques 3(2+1) credits for M.Sc.; applied regression analysis 3(2+1) credits and data analysis using statistical packages 3 (2+1) credits for Ph.D. students of Agricultural Science discipline. The department has excellent computing facility. There is one PG computer Lab having Intel core i7 based machines and all computers are connected to internet. Department of statistics has statistical software like SAS (Statistical Application Software). The 21 faculty members of the different colleges of the university were trained in SAS and Ph.D. students are being trained in SAS and other statistical application software.

  • Introduce new optional/certification courses on statistics at UG level for providing good students for PG in Agricultural Statistics to IASRI, New Delhi and SAUs.
  • Introduce PG degree in Agricultural Statistics. 
  • Collaboration with IASRI, New Delhi for strengthening the statistical computing knowledge of faculty members, scientists, Ph. D. scholars, M. Sc.(Ag.) students.
  • To create more healthy environment for collaborative interdisciplinary applied research activities.
  • To enhance the effective use of ICT learning methodology in the department. 
  • To improve infrastructure for teaching and research.

Undertake research, education and training in Agricultural Statistics and Computer Applications for Agricultural Research

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