Future Thrusts

A. Crop Improvement
  • Breeding for early maturity, high yield with resistance against biotic and a biotic stresses in crops.
  • Increasing the sustainability in crop yield through development of improved verities by efficient utilization of genetic resources.
  • Safeguarding the available biodiversity.
  • Enhancement in application of biotechnological tools and products.
  • Maintenance breeding of seed chain crop varieties and breeder seed production.
  • Collection, evaluation, characterization, documentation and conservation of spices diversity and their utilization for improvement in seed yield.
  • Improvement in medicinal and aromatic plants.
  • Application of biotechnological tools for genetic enhancement in crops.
B. Crop production
  • Strengthening of research on conservation agriculture to protect soil, water and environment pollution.
  • Standardization of integrated crop production and protection techniques for changing/emerging cropping systems.
  • Standardization and promotion of integrated farming approach for better livelihood security.
  • Technique standardization for mechanization in agriculture.
  • Molecular characterization and development of crop specific new strains of Rhizobium & PSB and promotion of PGPR.
  • Soil health management and bio-farming.
  • Identification of IPNM, IWM and IPM techniques for spices and vegetables.
  • Standardization of production and protection techniques for grape and other dry land fruits.
  • Identification of production techniques for medicinal and aromatic plants.
  • Fodder production and conservation techniques.
C. Crop protection
  • Development of forecasting modules for incidence of diseases and pests in changing climatic scenario.
  • Molecular identification of races/ variants of major diseases and pests of crops and standardization of IPM techniques.
  • Host plant resistance- mechanism and sources.
D. Value addition and marketing
  • Establishment of production units for bee keeping, vermin compost, bio-fertilizers and bio-agents with standardization of techniques for maximum production.
  • High-tech horticulture.
  • Quality seed and seedling production of vegetables and spices.
  • Development of pre and post harvest technologies for value addition.
  • Standardization and promotion of low cost poultry and animal feed.
  • Standardization and promotion of collective marketing and linkage strengthening.
  • Export promotion.
E. Seed Production
  • Developing / strengthening and implementing diverse model of seed production / distribution / quality control systems.
  • Enhancing seed production and distribution capabilities.
  • Improving SRR by increased distribution and timely availability of quality.
  • Augmenting quality seeds availability of improved varieties to farmer.
  • Developing mechanism and system for ensuring test stock seed production and supply of all newly identified / released varieties.
  • Improving and sustaining an effective and efficient functioning of seed chain by strengthening monitoring mechanism and putting on course correction system.